Process Improvement Updates January 2019: Focus: Asscher Roofing


Process Improvement

Jan 2019: Focus: Asscher Roofing

We’re excited to begin the New Year with some new process improvement updates. So here are a few pieces of news for 2019 that you might be interested in:

Focusing on Asscher Roofing for the month of January, 2019

  • Richi and Hector Sanchez will undertake new roles as Account Manager (Richi) and Crew Leader (Hector)

    • Richi will be handing all our existing accounts and direct sales.

    • Hector will be overseeing our crews on-site at our Asscher Roofing Projects

    • Both Richi & Hector will be taking new management courses until the end of April

  • Joel Perez will be working with Asscher Roofing to develop a new service department for gutter installations, with the idea that gutter installations as a department will be stand-alone within this year.

  • Asscher Roofing is currently working with Lowe’s and J.B. West to become a provider for gutter installations.

  • Asscher Roofing is looking to renovate their safety practices by utilizing Osha materials to keep our jobs up to code for safety.

  • We’re working on building our new Asscher Roofing Project team, we’re looking for one all around roofing expert and one roofing assistant. Be sure to refer someone who you think might be a great fit!

  • Asscher Roofing is getting a new website, while currently under construction, you can still get a quote by visiting the Asscher Roofing Website here

Thanks for reading our process improvement updates. Stay tuned for new process improvement updates by checking your Employee Portal every month!