M&V Pro Services


It all started with M&V

Local entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience


Our Owners: Miguel & Virginia Hernandez

Serving the local community for over 20 years, we’re a part of your neighborhood, so we care about you before anything else. Miguel and Virginia Hernandez have been local entrepreneurs serving the local Michiana area for multiple years, dedicated to the ideals of quality, reliability, and community service.

Through growing client relationships, we learned that many local businesses require multiple services that they can depend on. As such, M&V Pro Services has expanded throughout the years to incorporate various service areas and brands. Miguel and Virginia have made it their mission, in addition to outstanding community service and quality: to ensure that each new facet of the M&V Pro Services family has a unique local professional dedicated to their field.

Throughout their multiple businesses and personal endeavors, they strive to achieve reliability and community improvement by placing quality, integrity, and honesty in the foundation of their lives. So get to know them and the M&V Pro Services Family Today!