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M&V understands that your home is more than the physical space it occupies. It is the space where you both welcome each new day and retreat from the world. We will preserve what you love about your current home while enhancing its beauty and function, dramatically increasing its emotional and monetary value.  M&V converts ordinary homes into beautiful spaces that exude positive energy. 

This method creates the perfect combination of innovative design features with practical functionality, whether adding an entirely new area or re-configuring an existing one.  Take advantage of our comprehensive home assessment.  The process starts with identifying your vision, goals, budget and the home’s structural potential.  Our team will provide you with a balanced solution; form, function and budget. 

Personal attention, communication, creativity and quality craftsmanship are fundamental features of the process from home assessment through project completion.  Do not settle for a generic and impersonal remodeling quote.  We are a local company with over 20 years of home remodeling experience, are licensed, insured and our work is guaranteed.  

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A Quick Interview:

What are your responsibilities at M&V? Sales, Estimating and Project Management.

What are your key qualities & accomplishments? I’m known as a dedicated, hard working person.  Experienced in all phases of remodeling with a passion for kitchen and bath design.

Personal fun facts: I love of working hard and traveling with wife.

Meet Jerry,

Jerry Tapia is our dedicated sales and design specialist at M&V Pro Services, with multiple years of experience within remodeling and project management: he will turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted. So schedule an appointment today to meet Jerry and see why he makes M&V Pro Services your #1 Building & Maintenance Solution.

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