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    Are you a home owner?

    A clean house with clean windows can really brighten your day. Also, neglected windows will become damaged over time due to the minerals in water. A periodic cleaning can help to prevent this damage while at the same time, making your home more enjoyable to live in. We are happy to provide free quotes.

    Are you a business owner?

    The appearance of a business is crucial to its success. How a business presents itself to its potential customers and clients implies how that business will treat them. A clean building signifies a company that takes pride in itself and who will take care of their clients/customers.  If your building has windows (let’s hope so), you’ll want to make sure they are shiny, clean, and streak-free. The glass is the first thing your clientele will be looking at, so you’ll want to give them the right idea about your business from the get-go by hiring a company to handle your commercial window cleaning. This is especially true of restaurants. If a restaurant is willing to have a dirty entrance where the customers are at, how dirty is the areas that customers do not see, such as the kitchen and food prep areas? We will be happy to provide a free quote.



    ‘I was in the store on Monday while it was being serviced. The gentleman that was preforming the work was on point, his attention to detail was impressive. Wiping off the ledges after the window is cleaned is very important to me as leaving them wet attracts dust and we are scored on our window ledge cleanliness. Furthermore, due to the impressive work that was completed… I will be looking into the window cleaning at my other locations and will possibly have more locations for you to service in the future. More to come.’”
    — Area Manager of a Nationwide retailer

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