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M&V Pro Services has been providing commercial cleaning services services for the Northern Indiana community since 1994. We offer complete janitorial & specialty cleaning services for offices, factories, storefronts, government and commercial buildings throughout the greater Michiana area.  The cleanliness of your building can reduce stress, saves time, improve physical health, create good first impressions and improves moral. Conversely, harboring unhealthy pathogens in your carpet or other crevices can increase costs to your business by contributing to allergies/allergy related grogginess, sick leave, poor first impressions, and decreased company moral.

Our cleaning team is professional, thorough and undergoes continuous training.  We are a local company with over 20 years experience, are licensed, insured and our work is guaranteed.  We care about your business the way we care about ours. So if your office, factory, store, or building needs our assistance: our professional sales staff can create a detailed cleaning schedule that fits your needs.

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We also offer:

Specialty Cleaning Services

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Floor Machine Scrubbing & Polish

Deep Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Grout Cleaning

& Restroom Sanitation.

Meet Mariela,


Mariela Galvan is our dedicated Janitorial Department Manager at M&V Pro Services. With multiple years of experience analyzing and understanding business needs, she can provide your business with the quality shine of M&V Pro Services while setting up a reliable schedule to give you peace of mind throughout the entirety of your services at M&V Pro Services. Schedule an appointment with Mariela today to find out with every business trusts the #1 Building & Maintenance Solution: M&V Pro Services!

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What are your responsibilities at M&V: Manage cleaning division staff including; hiring, training, continuing education, coaching and scheduling. Sales and account management.  Research and implementation of updated techniques, procedures and tools.

What are your key qualities & accomplishments: Extensive customer service training and experience.  Honest, loyal and hard working.

Personal fun facts: Big foodie, cooking, travel and meeting people.